In the spirit of the Ethiopian new year 2004

Excitement, new resolutions, thought of yummy holiday meals, close family times … It is all fun and happiness when new year comes in Ethiopia as everyone gets ready to hear the girls sing “አበባየሆሽ” which herald the yellow flowery fields that cover the country. The beauty of an Ethiopian holiday is its everlasting traditional way of celebration, from the dresses, the bread , the drink ; Everything has been kept intact in this dynamic world. Just to put you in the same new year spirit I am in, here are a few musics that will take u there… Enjoy!

Manalibosh Dibo

The King himself : Tilahun Gessesse

Oldies classic by Zeritu Getahun

Aster Aweke

Hamelmal Ababte

Traditional Band at Ibex Hotel

Girls Singing አበባየሆሽ

Teddy Afro


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