Sara Nuru with AradaOnline


After starting small modeling activities since she was as young as 15, Sara Nuru bursted into the lime light of the main stream modeling industry after she was voted Germany’s Next top model in 2009. Graced with a modern beauty, heart-stopping smile and elegance, Sara continued to positively build her career through a number of high profile covers, campaign shoots and high level fashion shows. Furthermore, Sara is an ambassador for Menschen für Menschen that supports a number of development activities in Ethiopia. Recently, AradaOnline had the chance to ask Sara Nuru few questions regarding her activities and it is presented below.

AradaOnline: When did you first feel that you can have a career in modeling?

Sara Nuru: When I went to the first casting for Germany´s next Topmodel I felt very nervous and unsure of myself, but after I got through to the next round I felt much more confident. Then after each round I became more ambitious and determined to make a career in modeling.

AradaOnline: From your experience, what do you think is the biggest challenge for ladies with passion for modeling to reach top-level in modeling?

Sara Nuru: You need to have patience, discipline, and confidence, but it´s importrant to stay realistic. It also really helps to have a supportive family who makes sure that you don´t become big-headed or arrogant.

AradaOnline:  Recently you were part of a team presenting 8 different holiday spots found in Souther Europe.. Which one of the 8 places left a special mark for you?

Sara Nuru: It was wonderful to see all those beautiful places, but I especially liked Marsaille with it´s cute little fishing port, and Lisbon also made a great impression on me. It had a lovely atmosphere.

 AradaOnline: What is your vision regarding your career?

Sara Nuru: I´d like to carry on with modelling for as long as I can, but at the same time explore the possibilities of maybe hosting different TV shows or doing some acting.

AradaOnline: What kind of acting do you think fits you among action hero, romantic ones or regular acting?

Sara Nuru: I prefer different kinds of movies a mixture of action and romantic movies.

AradaOnline:  How many times have you visited Ethiopia and did you get the chance to see some attractions?

Sara Nuru: Before I started with the show Germany´s next Topmodel, I visited Ethiopia twice with my family and now I try to go at least once a year with the Karlheinz Böhm charity organisation Menschen for Menschen.

AradaOnline: How much do you know about the state of modeling profession in Ethiopia?

Sara Nuru: One says that the most beautiful women come from Ethiopia, and I´m sure that there are a lot of possibilities for Ethiopian models.

AradaOnline: There are lots of Ethiopian girls who are interested to pursue a career in modeling. Any advise for them?

Sara Nuru: It is very important to have a reliable agency with international contacts and as I´ve already said you need patience, self-assurance and also luck.

AradaOnline: How would you define an “arada” person?

Sara Nuru: I would define an arada person, world open and confident.

AradaOnline: What is beauty for you?

Sara Nuru: Beauty is a matter of taste, and everyone has a different taste. I personally think that a beautiful character shows in the face.

AradaOnlineWhat are Sara’s favorite movies? music? food?

Sara Nuru: My favorite movie is “my best friend’s wedding” with Julia Roberts and Cameron Diaz. I love the music from Steve Wonder, Joss Stone and Al Green… My favorite food is the handmade pizza from my mother.

AradaOnline: If you weren’t a model what other profession might u be interested in?

Sara Nuru: As a child I always wanted to be in a musical, but now to be honest, I`m not sure, as I´m perfectly happy doing what I am doing at the moment.

AradaOnline: Are you in a relationship?

Sara Nuru: Yes, I´m in a very happy relationship.

AradaOnline: How do you Spend typical weekends?

Sara Nuru: When I have free time, I love spending times with my friends and family.

AradaOnline: How would your best friend describe Sara?

Sara Nuru: I hope laid back, and friendly!

AradaOnline: Thanks

Shout outs to Pia Bhamroyal and Vera Bhamroyal from Contact my agency UG who assisted me in arranging the interview. 



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