Haile’s chances for London Olympics in doubt

Haile G/Selassie finished well below 2hrs and 8 minutes in the Tokyo marathon held the past weekend and lost his favorite status to be selected to the three-man national team that will compete in the London olympics. While the time was better than the 2hrs and  15 minimum required, better results obtained by other Ethiopian athletes who all finished under 2hrs and 5 minutes all but shattered Haile’s dream of making it to London.

“Sometimes you are too ambitious,” said Haile after finishing fourth in Tokyo. “This can happen. My target was 2:05:00 today but it didn’t work out that way. On the last downhill, I started to get some pain in my back. The last 5km was the worst I’ve ever run. I could run another marathon in two weeks. I felt fantastic here for the first 30 kilometres, then had some problems at the end of the race.” Though Haile still has the chance to obtain the time required before July in other marathon competitions in Rotterdam, Paris or London, it looks like Haile has given up as seen from his recent tweet. [ESPN]



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