Defining Art

What does Art mean to the artist? I guess every artist would have something different or rather familiar to say about that. It would be outrageous of me to define art for anyone out there, so I will only define art as what it means to me.
Art to me is nearly everything: it is a world, which I like to call MY RETREAT, a world where I can find my true self, where I can depict my innermost thoughts and emotions, where I have a voice, one that matters. Through art I am able to view life in a whole new perspective, life through art becomes more vivid, more comprehensible. I am able to find answers to things I find very perplexing. It enables me to challenge ordeals, break barriers, heal my wounds … would it sound insane if I said Art was like therapy? I’m sure it would, but it is true.
Art is about authenticity, it is about passion, genuine raw emotions, real visions, fantasies coming to life, the explosion of the spirit, adrenalin ….. it’s about AUTHENTICITY!!! You cannot feign such an act.
I don’t believe in that saying, ’The Artist Creates’ ; I don’t believe the artist has control over anything really. In my opinion, the artist allows himself to plunge in to that mysterious world and become fully devoured by something magical – hey, it’s like hypnosis. That person goes for a WILD ride, and from this ride emerges a master piece, a piece in which the artist leaves a mark , a trace of his or her own identity.
I don’t know, I believe art is about letting go, the more you let go, the better you become. You know how they say, “knowledge is power”, well here, PASSION IS POWER.
That’s how I would define art , I wonder how Artists out there would define it.
Here is a work titled DIVINITY. All I can say about it is that It was one heck of a ride.


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