Adis Gebru

Culture does have an amazing impact on the artist. Through art, an artist could either choose to depicts his or her own emotions, experience of life and such of other similar things. Or an artist could choose to depict ones country, and the culture the population is dominated by, through the spontaneous storks the brush tends to make, when steeped in paint and meets the canvas. Art as I have mentioned above, could either be the image of the felt, though the unseen; or it could be a vivid translation of a country’s language, culture and all one nation has to offer.

Furthermore, surfing through the portal of the World Wide Web, I came across an Ethiopian artist, named Adis Gebru, whose work at first glance astonished me dearly. Through his art one could actually find that real, untainted image of our beloved Ethiopia, and understand more of what culture the population beholds with just one glance. The power of emotions he lays on the canvas, His immense devotion to intricate details is impeccable. Through his art he has managed to immaculately portray the different cultures within the nation.

It’s fascinating how through his highly detailed portraits, he has shown all the unique hair styles, the clothing, the coffee ceremony…… all of which illustrate the authentic Ethiopia.

I have also posted here some of his work, just to give the readers an insight of what magnificent art he has created.



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