The Beginning of the end for Kenenisa Bekele on the track

Ethiopia settled for Bronze at the London 2012 Olympics 10000m mens’ final

Great Britain’s  Mo Farah held on a final lap sprint at the 10000m final in London 2012 Olympics to win the first Gold Medal for Great Britain in mens’ long distance running in a long time. The race settled on a slower pace for majority of the time resulting a packed group at the front of the race until the bell rang to indicate one more lap. The Ethiopian Tariku Bekele and his brother Kenenisa tried to catch up to the speeding Mo who seemed to be getting some support from the second place finisher American Galen Rupp. Tariku couldn’t catch up with the eventual winner and Kenenisa seems to lose his sharpness to prepare for a comfortable sprinting space.

Kenenisa the great


Kenenisa Bekele failed make his presence felt in the entire race and seemed to lose his sharpness. While many were expecting an attack from Kenenisa, he was kept in the inner lane at the end of the race by the American Galen and he was faced with an unexpected ending moment. The tide has shifted this time against Kenenisa and the majestic athlete who was always known for sprinting and playing the catch me if you can was forced to play catch up on the eventual winner Mo. Kenenisa’s career was plagued by injury over the past one year and he has been struggling for form recently. He was unable to attend the official qualification of the team at the 2012 FBK games and was allowed automatic qualification due to his previous records and recent gains in performance.

Unfortunately he was not at the top of his for and like many others his reign on the long distance track running seems to be coming up quickly. It is not known if he will move towards Marathon or keep on trying to regain form but his phenomenal displays in the previous two olympics and multiple international competitions will make him a legend in the Ethiopian athletics running history.


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