Ethiopian reggae star Eyob Mekonnen passed away

Eyob Mekonnen

Eyob Mekonnen

Born in Jijiga town in Somali region artist Eyob knew his passion in music was too much to ignore. He used to listen different kinds of music but grew fond of two legendary artist that influence his style; the legendary Oromiffa singer Ali Birra and the Jamaican king of Reggae Bob Marley. After singing at local events Eyob got a break through in his career when a band that went to Jijiga for a gig discovered him and  signed him right away as a singer.

He grew his fan base singing reggae music in English and blew up to stardom with his debut album ‘Ende Qal’ released in 2008. The album was well received and his songs remain widely popular till this day. His romance themed reggae album had feature from other heavy weights like Zeritu Kebede and included lots of hit tracks such as “Negen Layew”, “Yene Konjo”, ” Yekebateralu” and “Endatefash”.

Eyob had a sudden stroke early last Wednesday and was being treated at a hospital in Addis Ababa before he was flown away to Nairobi for a better care. After his death was announced over the weekend, other artists and his fans poured their condolence messages on social media sites.

AradaOnline wishes to send our condolence message to his family and fans!


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