Abuse of Ethiopians continued in Saudi Arabia


After a deadline set by the Saudi Arabian government for illegal immigrants demanding they either fix their residence permit issues or voluntarily leave the country  expired, Ethiopians are facing a continued attack from various groups in the country. Thousands of Ethiopians started facing rough treatment by the Saudi security forces that killed one Ethiopian for an alleged escape attempt during a raid in one neighborhood. The authoritarian Saudi regime pushed with the wide-spread detention and abuse of immigrants as it is well-known to turn a blind eye on inhumane handling of foreign laborers common in the country. Then followed reports of vigilant attacks by Saudi citizens after the Ethiopians started protesting the inhumane condition of the arrested people and harassment of those even with legal status. There were two more Ethiopian deaths reported during confrontations with the local residents before the Ethiopian Ministry of Foreign Affairs strongly condemned the attacks. Saudi media also reported clashes between the Ethiopian and Chadian immigrants in the country which resulted in damage of property as well as injury. Ethiopians from all over the world used the hash-tag #SomeonetellSaudiArabia on social media to protest the continued abuse of their fellow citizens and demanded protection for the immigrants.

AradaOnline wishes to express our condolences for those who lost their life in this ordeal.



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