Aspiring Singer Mikaya Behailu Passed Away

Mikaya Behailu

Mikaya Behailu

Mikaya Behailu came to prominence in the music world with her first album titled “shemametew” which was well received by the fans. Making romance and love the center of her album, Mikaya’s sensational singing ability radiates the emotional content of her music. Her wide vocal range made some Ethiopian fans label her the next Aster Aweke, the unofficial Queen of Ethiopian pop music. Mikaya took her talent to the Kora African Music award in 2010 where she made it into the semi final stage for the best singer competition.

Mikaya suffered recent health complications and passed away yesterday at the age of 37. Mikaya, born and raised in Addis Ababa, completed her undergraduate studies at the Addis Ababa University and was on her way to complete a graduate study as well.

AradaOnline like to express our condolences for the loss of Mikaya.

One of her famous songs – Sebeb


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