Ethiopian outrage against murders in South Africa and Libya

Even before the news of Xenophobic killings in South Africa against immigrants were heard, Ethiopians were showing concerns about fellow countrymen immigrants in Yemen. As the immigrants return from Yemen was happening slowly, South African black residents started attacking African immigrants blaming them as a cause for lack of opportunities for the local habitants. The barbaric attack by fellow African brothers showed the complete lack of awareness of the South African black population regarding the sacrifices of other African countries for their freedom. It seems 20 years was not enough for South Africa to fully understand their freedom and appreciate the unwavering contribution of the whole continent for it to be a reality. In a recent xenophibic attack against African immigrants more than half a dozen people including some Ethiopians were reportedly killed. Ethiopians in all corners of the globe expressed their disappointment in South Africa, often reminding the personal training given in Ethiopia for the freedom fighter turned first democratic black president of South Africa, Nelson Mandela. Different anti-xenophobia marches were held in different parts of the continent including Nigeria, Malawi, South Africa, Mozambique.

Then came the announcement from a group that 30 Ethiopians were killed for refusing to denounce their religion in the costal areas of Libya. The group rose to prominence after the distraction of Libya by a controversial civil war which was influenced by foreign interventions. The 30 Ethiopian Christians were killed for their religion by a barbaric group which lacks any form of logic, humanity and compassion. Ethiopia is known for the peaceful co-existence of different religious groups and is the first host country that protected followers of the Prophet Mohammed. Ethiopians of all religion were united in expressing their outrage in this inhumane killing and the nation has ordered a 3 day official mourning period.

AradaOnline also sends condolences to the family of the victims.


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