Ethiopian Airlines Turns 70

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Exactly 70 years ago on April 8, 1946, the first flight of Ethiopian Airlines took of from Addis Ababa in route to Cairo, Egypt via Asmara. That was the start of Ethiopia’s flag carrier airline whose main mission was connecting Africa together and with the rest of the world. The airline which started its operation with five Douglas C-47 Skytrains on flights to neighbouring countries in the region has grown into an aviation giant with 240 daily flights and services to 92 international destinations in five continents. It has 76 Boeing dominated fleet currently in service with additional 46 more in order including 14 long range Airbus  350 whose delivery is expected before the end of the year. The airlines has its own aviation academy to offer training programs for pilots, cabin crew members, ground staff and aviation technicians for its growing workforce.

Ethiopian Airlines’s African focus is still strong and currently  operates to 51 cities in the continent. Furthermore, it is a share holder  with a management contract for two African Airlines; ASKY Airlines based in the West African city of Lome, Togo with a 40% share and Malawian Airlines operating from Souther African city Lilongwe, Malawi with a 49 % share. Ethiopian Airlines has plans to use both cities as regional hubs to offer efficient service to the Western and Southern Africa respectively.


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