Flooding and Landslides killed dozens in Ethiopia


After the recent El Niño pattern brought a the worst drought Ethiopia has seen in the past 50 years, the country is now facing an unprecedented level of land slides and flooding due to heavy rain. Local media reported  that a land slide in Wolayta zone in Southern Ethiopia has resulted is death of 41 people. Another flooding in the Bale Zone of Oromia region has also destroyed farms and  resulted in the death of 9 people and more than 100 animals. Eastern city of Dire Dawa has also been hit by wave of flooding that claimed the lives of 7 people so far. Road disruptions which are common after the heavy rains are making it difficult to deliver aid to people in need.

Even though it is normal to have  shorter and less consistent rain between March and May in some parts of Ethiopia, the current unusual downpour has been observed in most parts of the country. The government has put out an early warning against potential flooding accidents for half a million people living near floodplains.



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