Can’t read this Amharic text “አራዳ”?

If you cant see the Amharic characters while browsing on your computer or phone, it means you don’t have amharic unicode fonts installed on your computer. Follow these guides to install the fonts and if it is not working click here to contact us for help.

For computer users

First click on one of the four fonts below to download the font file.

Then if you are using windows copy and paste the file in C:\Windows\Fonts folder and you are done so restart your browser. If you are using linux or mac OS open the downloaded file and when the file is opened click ‘install font’.

For android users

In order to move the font file to the right folder on your phone, you need to have a permission to write into the folder which is not available in android phones by default. So you need to get this permission by a procedure called ‘rooting’. Note that ‘rooting’ might cause a hacking risk and for international users you might lose warranty of the phone depending on your contract. If you still want to go through the procedure

  • Go to to download SuperOneClick software and install it on your computer. Check this website if you need help on using the software.
  • Connect your phone to the computer and root the phone

Once it is rooted click here to download amharic font and copy it to your phone.

Then install ES File Explorer File Manager App on your phone from Play Store.

Open the ES File Explorer File Manager application and copy the amharic font that you copied from the computer to the ‘/system/fonts’ folder

Don’t forget to contact us for help – click here .