All social media and messaging platforms blocked in Ethiopia


Popular social media platforms such as facebook and twitter are blocked throughout Ethiopia since yesterday morning. Also included in this information blackout are messaging applications like whatsup, viber and imo. No official statement was given by the government but it is believed that the service disruption is related to the national university entrance exam that will be held throughout the country starting from tomorrow.

The exam was originally scheduled for May 30, 2016 but unauthorised copies were leaked by dissidents and distributed on social media forcing the government to cancel the exam. Earlier this week, reports circulating on social media indicated that unauthorised copies of tomorrow’s exam were leaked once again. The ministry of education has stated that additional effort was spent to maintain secrecy of the exam and conformed there were no leaks of the repeat exam that will begin tomorrow as scheduled.



Big Brother Africa contestant from Ethiopia making international headlines


Big Bother Africa participant Betty Abera (27) from Ethiopia is making international headlines after Reuters reported that she might face prosecution for performing sexual acts during the show which was broadcast all over the world. Local media reports indicate that a group of lawyers are asking police to probe the case alleging she might violate a “public sexual act display” ban. Though police didn’t conform if they are going to investigate the case or not, international media such as Jezebel are reporting the possible charges.