Vahe-Yene Tizita

The Addis Ababa native multilingual Ethio-Armenian Vahe released a new music video of him rocking Tizita.


Ethiopian Hustler

Born from Ethiopian parents and raised in US, Sosena Solomon completed two degrees related with film making and planned a documentary project called ‘Merkato’ as her thesis work. The documentary film covers the day to day life style of a specific part of Merkato, the largest open air market in Africa.

The part of Merkato Sosena focused for the documentary is known locally as ‘Minalesh tera’ and it is a place where all the valuable things from household garbage are recycled, defective equipments are fixed and resold. The items on sale in Minalesh Tera range from house hold knives to refrigerators, a mouthful of injera (‘Gursha’ in Amharic) to plastic boots and iron sheets to welding machines.

In her quest to capture the essence of the area, Sosena highlighted a few people so that they tell their own story and the hustler Gedion is one of them. Check out a sneak peek into Gedion’s profile.

Chick complaining her ethiopian man is dirty

Thanks to cheap labor, families in Ethiopia had maids in their houses that made every kid in the house lazy. And it especially is visible on guys as we are victims of the typical African stereotype that we dont belong in the kitchen. And the result is as expected one super lazy Ethiopian pissing off his girl by not being clean and expecting her to help him clean up as well. Check her out venting her frustration… “Cant date while you have roaches in the house”

Maradona challenge

Diago Armando Maradona is one of the top two players to ever play football together with Pele. Had it not been his off field problems he could have more people who argue he was the best player. With his fint touches, bursting runs full of techniques Maradona shined in the world of football in the 1980’s. Try this youtube game and check how much you can guess his movements. Press right and left arrow to guess his next move.

Habesha vloggers

Social video sites like YouTube have given people the ability to express themselves in a whole new way – vlogging. Though many people are siting infront of their webcam to talk about their life, experiences and politics, only a few habesha (Ethiopian and Eritrean) people have been able to continuously post videos to their subscribers. It may be due to the conservative nature of the Habesha culture where sharing stories to a complete stranger is uncommon. I found these habesha vloggers who express their opinions and also at the same time enjoy themselves in their entertaining videos posted on youtube. Check them out.

Remembering ET-961

15 years ago from today an Ethiopian airlines flight Et-961 heading from Addis Ababa to Nairobi on a Bombay-Addis Ababa-Nairobi-Brazzaville-Legos-Abidjan route was hijacked by Three Ethiopian asylum seekers. The pilots were ordered to fly the plane with 175 people on board including the crew to Australia.

The pilots tried to persuade the hijackers that there was not enough fuel to fly to Australia but the hijackers were firm on their demand. Eventually the plane run out of fuel and crashed near the shores of The Comoros islands killing 125 people on board including the hijackers. Watch the documentary on that doomed flight in the video below. [wikipedia]